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happy noseslide day 


    happy noseslide day 


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Chris Keefe by Stephen Oliveira 
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    "SHAPES 2" skateboard deck by Negritoo

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    My Rules, a new book by Glen E. Friedman features some of the best of Glen’s photos from around the incarnation of skateboarding, hip hop and hardcore music. Iconic photos of Tony Alva, Rodney Mullen to Minor Threat and the Beastie Boys. Some are published here for the very first time. Watch Glen get together with longtime friend and collaborator Ian MacKaye at Dischord House, just outside of Washington DC, to discuss some of the photographs in Glen’s forthcoming book MY RULES.

    You can pre order Glen E. Friedman’s My Rules here.

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    By Antonio Rodrigues Jr.

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  9. 落語の〆の決まり文句「おあとがよろしいようで」は 「次の演者の支度ができた」ということ。
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    The Most Gorgeous Book Ever Has No Words Or Pictures, Just Color

    This is the RGB Colorspace Atlas by Tauba Auerbach. The 8”x8” hardcover tome is pretty much an encyclopedia of every color in the RGB index. It’s huge, it’s gorgeous, and I want one.

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Art #bike


    Art #bike

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    Paper craft, Elsa Mora

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